The Best Waterproof Two-Way Radios for Recreational Activities

Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities are a lot of fun when you venture out into the wilderness alone, but they can be even more enjoyable when you take your friends along with you. However, communication issues can often create problems– especially if you venture into an off-the-grid part … Read more

The Best Two-Way Radios for Survival and Urban Use

Cellular phones are such an integral part of our culture now that we practically feel naked without one. However, they aren’t a completely perfect communication solution. The first problem with them is that they are expensive. In the United States, a typical smartphone now costs more than $500 on average according to research firm Statista. … Read more

The Best Bluetooth Car Speakerphones for Driving Safely

Statistics compiled by the law firm Edgar, Snyder and Associates indicate that texting while driving causes about 1.6 million crashes each year. Another way to visualize that troubling statistic is in terms of a ratio. One out of every four crashes involves a driver that failed to pay attention to the road because they were … Read more

The Best PLBs for Hikers and Fishermen

Outdoor adventures are fun, but accidents and other chaotic events can have deadly consequences– even with today’s technology on our side. Mariners are particularly familiar with the unpredictable nature of the ocean. Rogue waves can cause instant chaos, even when the weather is clear. Mountain climbers face their own particular set of unique perils. According … Read more

The Best AA Batteries for Low and High Drain Devices

According to research firm Technavio, the demand for alkaline AA batteries is expected to grow by 1% until 2024. AA batteries are useful for powering TV remote controls, radios, flashlights, video game controllers, video and music players, clocks and other low drain electronic devices. All these devices will likely continue to be popular, even while … Read more

The Best Handheld and Desktop Digital Police Scanners

Americans’ trust in the media plummeted to a record low of 32% in 2016 amid the hotly contested presidential election. The numbers are still low, hovering around 40% today according to a recent Gallup poll. Subjective reporting and lack of attention to detail has left many wondering where to turn for reliable information. Similarly, many … Read more