The Best Shortwave Radios for Emergency Use

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The Best Cordless Phones for Home Use

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The Best GPS-equipped EPIRBs for Summoning Emergency Assistance at Sea

In the United States, County Sheriffs handle most SAR (Search and Rescue) operations. Their rescue teams are typically staffed by trained volunteers. When more help is required, they call in the Coast Guard. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Coast Guard conducts about 15,000 SAR (Search and Rescue) operations each year. About 30% … Read more

The Best Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radios for Boating

Unprecedented technological leaps have made recreational boating safer than ever. For example, all mariners now have access to GPS-enabled devices, which was unavailable to consumers until just a few decades ago. In addition, AIS has become so affordable that all vessels are legally required to have it. Despite all these new communication tools, accidents still … Read more

The Best Handheld Marine VHF Radios with DSC

Many different types of accidents can happen while boating, sailing or engaging in other similar types of maritime activities. Head injuries are especially common, as are slips and falls. Some accidents involving collisions even result in lost limbs. Many injuries and casualties involve professional mariners, but recreational sailors face dangers as well. According to the … Read more

The Best Mobile Ham Radios for Survivalists

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The Best Wireless Intercoms for Families and Businesses

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The Best AA Battery Chargers That Also Support AAA Batteries

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The Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Saving Money

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