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  • The Best CB Radio Antennas for Truckers and Commuters in 2022

    According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), traffic jams and slowdowns cause huge financial losses across the trucking industry. In 2016, traffic congestion added $74.5 billion in operating costs. Traffic is also an issue for commuters. People who commute to work spend about an hour going to and from work each day according to […]

  • The Best Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radios for Boating in 2022

    Unprecedented technological leaps have made recreational boating safer than ever. For example, all mariners now have access to GPS-enabled devices, which was unavailable to consumers until just a few decades ago. In addition, AIS has become so affordable that all vessels are legally required to have it. Despite all these new communication tools, accidents still […]

  • The Best Wireless Intercoms for Families and Businesses in 2022

    According to public relations blog PRvoke, poor communication costs businesses $37 billion annually– and some of the same communication issues that hurt businesses probably affect families as well. Even with smart phones at our disposal, the simple act of communicating can be a problem in today’s world. Text messages can get lost among all the […]

  • The Best Satellite Phones that Work Anywhere in the World in 2022

    Over the past several years, cellular network coverage has continued to improve throughout the United States and many other countries. However, these improvements haven’t been as dramatic as mobile carriers would like you to believe. According to one FCC study, many of the top mobile carriers in the country lie about the coverage they provide. […]

  • The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets for Voice in 2022

    There’s nothing quite like the experience of riding a motorcycle. The speed and acceleration releases a burst of adrenaline, while the hum of the engine and the close connection to your surroundings can simultaneously make you feel at peace. In fact, research commissioned by Harley Davidson suggests that the act of riding a motorcycle can […]

  • The Best Satellite Messengers for Off-the-grid Communications in 2022

    The fact that nature is beautiful can’t be disputed. However, the old saying “every rose has its thorn” contains truth as well. Even relatively tame natural parks can be as deadly as they are awe-inspiring. In fact, according to the National Parks Service, over 140 people died in American national parks in 2014. The main […]

  • The Best CB Radios for Highway Communications in 2022

    Our reliance on digital technologies grows every day– especially when it comes to driving. Navigation apps are particularly helpful because they assist us in finding our way from point A to point B. However, map apps have their limits. They typically provide only general information about slowdowns, for example. Sometimes it’s better to have specific […]