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  • The Best Long Range Two-way Radios for Forest and Mountain Communications in 2022

    Walkie talkies were all the rage in post-WWII era America. New York Times writer Jack Gould went as far as to say that two-way radio technology would “make life both more efficient, enjoyable and in many instances downright fun.” While this prediction certainly did come true, the fact remains that there was one thing about […]

  • The Best Handheld and Desktop Digital Police Scanners in 2022

    Americans’ trust in the media plummeted to a record low of 32% in 2016 amid the hotly contested presidential election. The numbers are still low, hovering around 40% today according to a recent Gallup poll. Subjective reporting and lack of attention to detail has left many wondering where to turn for reliable information. Similarly, many […]

  • The Best Two-Way Radios for Hunting in 2022

    According to a study published by the International Journal of the Care of the Injured, roughly 2,400 hunters suffer firearm-related injuries each year. Other types of injuries– like broken bones and lacerations caused by falls, usually from treestands– are common, as well. Poor communication can increase the chance of an accident, especially when hunting in […]

  • The Best Shortwave Radios for Emergency Use in 2022

    Today, the internet is such a vital part of our everyday lives that we can barely imagine life without it. We use social media sites to stay current with what our friends and family are doing. We can even make friends with people that live on the other side of the planet. But what if […]

  • The Best Handheld Marine VHF Radios with DSC in 2022

    Many different types of accidents can happen while boating, sailing or engaging in other similar types of maritime activities. Head injuries are especially common, as are slips and falls. Some accidents involving collisions even result in lost limbs. Many injuries and casualties involve professional mariners, but recreational sailors face dangers as well. According to the […]

  • The Best Mobile Ham Radios for Survivalists in 2022

    According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the world is currently only 100 seconds away from doomsday. The main two threats on the horizon are nuclear war and climate change. A sudden nuclear strike or widespread flooding caused by global warming could have calamitous consequences across the planet. In many areas, electrical power grids […]

  • The Best Handheld Ham Radios for Beginners and Experts in 2022

    The internet has changed nearly every aspect of our culture, but it isn’t the solution to every kind of problem. Censorship and government control is a serious issue, for example. According to Freedom House, global internet freedom is on the decline. The internet may not be as indestructible as we typically believe it to be, […]

  • The Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Saving Money in 2022

    Batteries can be expensive, particularly if you have lots of different gadgets around the house that require them. The Simple Dollar founder and money saving expert Trent Hamm tallied up the amount of money his family was spending on batteries each year and found that the annual cost amounted to about $77. That may not […]

  • The Best Business Two-Way Radios for Indoor and Outdoor Use in 2022

    Plumbers, builders, teachers, security professionals, event managers and many other types of workers have unique communication needs. Often, their jobs require them to be in constant communication with their colleagues. Cell phones are one option, but they aren’t always the right tool for this. Cell phone service creates an added expense for businesses and the […]

  • The Best Bluetooth Headsets for Hands-free Communication in 2022

    It’s been said before, and it’ll likely be said many times again: texting while driving is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Even though everyone knows this, in practice the temptation to check a device while one is driving is sometimes too strong to resist. The reality is that the human brain just can’t efficiently […]